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Toe Socks

Probably funny at first sight or probably hard to put on, toes socks come in various styles and materials to offer you the maximum comfort and benefits of foot-shaped footwear.


Body stability and total foot utilization

Each toe on your feet has a vital function to stabilize your body in the upright position during standing, walking, running, or any other activity. In toe socks, toes can splay naturally, allowing your body to rely on the feet and toes instead of other mechanisms.

Blister prevention

In toes socks, the skin-to-skin surface between your toes is completely eliminated, protecting your feet from irritation, hot spots, and blisters.

Toes Socks.png

Moisture management

A protective layer around each toe ensures improved comfort in warm or humid conditions, better sweat management, and elimination of moist skin-to-skin contact, thus reducing skin irritation.

Wearing of Correct Toes® 

Toe socks allow you to wear Correct Toes in any temperature conditions and reduce possible friction caused by silicon material. Therefore they increase the time you can wear Correct Toes and rehabilitate your feet.

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